Atlanta Faze apologises for misogynistic ‘misguided tweet’ after backlash

It’s not been a good time for Faze lately.

Atlanta Faze—a Call of Duty franchise team under the Atlanta Esports Ventures—has apologised for a “misguided tweet” that asked followers how many drinks would be needed to take home their team if they were women.

The now-deleted tweet featured a collage of Atlanta Faze’s all-male team with a female face filter and the caption “how many drinks to take them home?” The tweet didn’t go down too well, with fellow esports figures calling out the potentially dangerous message behind it. Team Liquid co-founder Steve Arhancet called it “absolutely disgusting” and “more Faze bro crap,” while fellow Liquid member Mendo called the apology “uncomfortable.”

Not everyone seemed to think the tweet was problematic. Tribe Gaming founder HawksNest said it was simply “poor wording from Faze that caused a misunderstanding,” with Fortnite pro YourFellowArab calling it “a harmless banger about male COD players.”

Despite arguments over whether the tweet was misogynistic, Faze Atlanta decided to remove it roughly a day after it went up. It then issued an apology in a statement, saying “we understand there is no room for misogynistic or harassing behaviour and that women and the Call of Duty community deserve better.” Atlanta Faze said the issue has been handled internally, concluding that it would “vow to move forward in a positive manner for all.”

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