Jhoom Episode-1 and 2 Review: Beginning of an intense and promising love story

Jhoom is another serial penned by Hashim Nadeem

7th Sky Entertainment production has come up with a brand new drama serial Jhoom starring Zara Noor Abbas and Haroon Khadwani in the lead roles for Geo Entertainment. Jhoom is penned by Parizaad, Raqs e Bismil, and Khuda aur Mohabbat famed writer Hashim Nadeem. The drama is directed by Ali Faizan. It is Haroon Khadwani’s debut drama serial before that we have seen him in the telefilm Rooposh. Jhoom also has Usman Peerzada, Haris Waheed, Nooren Gilwani, Javed Shaikh, and Zainab Qayyum in pivotal roles.

Jhoom’s landscape is huge and beautiful, the way it is filmed and framed seems nothing less than a film and for that director deserves all the credit. Production quality is quite high as compare to other serials. It is penned down by Parizaad’s famed writer Hashim Nadeem so the expectations from this series are naturally high.

Haroon Khadwani’s performance is not much impressive but as we compare it with his past project Roohposh we certainly see an improvement but he needs to work a lot on his dialogue delivery. He is not articulating well his dialogues and I find at times difficult to find what he is uttering. He is playing the role of an angry young man Aryaan just like he performed in Rooposh a guy having anger management issues.

Zara Noor Abbas is playing Dr. Mariyam Ikram who is a mature doctor and is older than Aryaan. She is an orphan and looking after her younger brother Sherry who is a spoiled brat. The story unfolds showing Aryan is having a night hanging out with his friends where his friend’s car gets broken. Sherry and his goons try to harass Aryaan’s friend Ria but he loses his cool and ends up in a brawl which results in Ria getting shot.

Aryaan gets extremely mad at the hospital where DR Mariyam is treating Ria that she has to file a complaint and puts him in a lock-up for a night. Aryaan has as a backstory we get to know when Dr Mariyam meets Aryaan’s father Professor Touqeer who is a renowned psychiatrist and he has apparently written a book on Anger management. He tells Dr. Mariyam that the supreme irony is that he cannot control his own son’s anger. Jhoom is full of cute scenes where Mariyam feels attracted to Aryaan. Aryaan too seems blown by Mariyam’s beauty. There is an age difference shown Mariyam is in her 30s probably and Aryan is in his 20s let’s see how this romance going to grow.

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