Kuch Ankahi Episode-10 Review: Agha Jaan, please don’t fall for Saif’s words

Samia tries to avoid facing her mother

Kuch Ankahi the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is an absolute winner with a progressive script yet having that old-school drama vibes. The performances are all phenomenal. In the previous episode, we have seen that the progressive storyline is winning the audience’s hearts. In this episode, Kuch Ankahi continues to win hearts and it is full of small moments to cherish.

Samia’s mother finally gets discharged from the hospital the scene where Aliya is bringing her home in the car and Salman is driving that car is so well shot. Saima’s mother is all praises for Salman saying to him “Jeetay Raho Meray Bachay” and slight banter between Aliya and Salman makes the scene even more entertaining hats off for the execution. Their chemistry is spectacular. Salman has created a special place for himself in Aliya’s parents’ hearts.

Then comes the cute and funny moments of soup preparation to soup serving. I must appreciate all the dialogues said by Irsa Ghazal and Muhammad Ahmed very well written one feels the beauty of the language in them. By the way, one wonders where has Sofia Phupho gone to. She has said she will help Tania in preparing the soup. Tania and Aliya’s struggles with making soup and then making their parents have it is real. What a heartwarming scene it was. We have seen Samia’s mother laughing her heart out.

We have seen a glimpse of Thanvi and Phupho. Thanvi is all set to flirt with her and it seems that they both have a history Thanvi and Sofia Phupho used to be friends and according to the conversation Sofia phupho was the bride on the run and takes advantage of Thanvi’s friendship and used him. They are also naming a couple of mutual friends who know exactly what Sofia did with Thanvi, has she played with his feelings? This all seems quite interesting and makes Sofia a bit twisted character.

We have thought that Samia’s wedding is called off but no that matter is still hanged. The scene where Samia tries to avoid facing her mother and then where she oils her hair all seem very heart-touching. One wonders why her mother is still persistent to marry her off to a visible toxic environment. This depicts the typical mentality of our marriage-obsessed society. Poor Agha Jaan’s helplessness seems annoying after listening to Saif’s mother’s visible fabricated story he calls Saif. Well, Saif has the audacity to face Agha Jaan and actually, he promises that he make Samia happy but will he keep his promise? Agha Jaan, please don’t fall for his words he is lying!

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