Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-6 Review: Saad takes the whole blame on himself, refuses to marry Maheer

Areeb’s mother insults Maheer and her parents by leaving their tea abruptly

ARY Digital’s drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is 6 episodes down and the show really belongs to Wahaj Ali, he has given a brilliant performance. The characters are well crafted whereas, story-vise there is no novelty value we have seen this kind of story several times on TV. In the previous episode, we watched Areeb’s parents finally agree to see Maheer. In this episode, Areeb’s mother leaves Maheer’s place in a very insulting manner leaving their tea abruptly.

Well, to be honest, Maheer does not truly deserve Saad’s love. She happens to be a really selfish girl. If she claims that she is in love with Areeb then she must have the courage to own it and express this in front of her father. Her father is unreasonably putting on her the typical ‘Maan’ pressure. Maheer is so cruel that she asks Saad to refuse to marry her so the whole blame goes on him.

The scene where Saad refuses to marry Maheer is so carelessly written and executed. The whole scene is not making any sense at all. Maheer and her mother doing preparations for Areeb’s parent’s arrival and when Maheer’s mother shares about their arrival with her husband on which he makes lots of hues and cries. Saad appears and convinces him to let Maheer marry where ever she wants on which he asks Saad for his own wish. Saad lies that he also does not want to marry Maheer.

Instead of realizing the fact that Maheer is not happy with her engagement with Saad and she is liking someone else, Maheer’s father starts blaming poor Saad for betraying him. His behavior is not making any sense when he knows that someone else is also in the scene. Maheer’s father is trashing Saad in front of his parents as well but Maheer says nothing to save him, why Maheer’s mother needs to get so toxic that she also starts demeaning Saad as well? Our heart goes out to poor Saad.

Areeb arrives at Maheer’s place only with his mother one wonders where is his father. Well, Maheer’s house is quite a well-to-do house if not luxurious, then why Areeb’s is mother behaving as if she has stepped into some slum area? Angeline Malik’s acting seems quite over in this play. She comes and leaves abruptly soon after seeing Maheer. It is quite insulting for Maheer and her parents but deep down it is quite satisfying to watch Maheer and her family suffer as they deserved it after what they have done to Saad.

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