Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Mar 20, 2023 – Mar 26, 2023 – With tax season on the horizon, you might find yourself working harder than usual when the sun and new moon enter Aries and your value zone on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Work hard now so you have good savings built up for summer. Find true value within yourself.

Thursday unlocks a very deep period for you as Pluto enters Aquarius and your subconscious zone. This marks a period of changes to your life as deep-rooted parts of your psyche come to the surface. Unexpected events can bring out the best (and worse) in you, Pisces. End this karmic cycle and the Universe will reward you.

After months of hibernation, spring awakens your joy when Mars enters Cancer and your pleasure zone on Saturday. The next several weeks will be filled with passion, lust, and entertainment as you focus on having a good time.

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