What new privacy feature is WhatsApp bringing for its users?

Instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps bringing new updates and features for its users, ensuring their security and privacy.

The messaging app is once again rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to, WaBetaInfo reported. 

The new update brings a new presentation sheet for the view once messages. This update will be available to some beta testers. Previously, WhatsApp introduced a screenshot protection feature for view once images and videos. This feature does not allow taking a screenshot of the picture the user sends via view once images. 

The Meta-owned app is now introducing a new presentation sheet to some beta testers who will install the WhatsApp beta for Android update. 

“The presentation sheet for view once messages shows up within the drawing editor when you tap the view once icon. If this feature is enabled for your WhatsApp account, WhatsApp will inform you that the recipient can’t take a screenshot of it. As usual, it is not even possible to share, forward, copy, and save the view once image and video,” said the statement issued by the WhatsApp tracking website. 

The new feature is available to some beta testers and will be rolled out to more users in coming days. 

Status updates 

A day earlier, WaBetaInfo announced that the app will soon roll out its latest update to let users view status updates within their chat list.

Currently, the feature has been made available for some beta testers with the latest update in the social messaging application’s desktop app. 

The feature was earlier rolled out for beta users after Android and iOS updates with the ability to see status updates right within the chat list.

“To check if the feature is enabled after an update, users can just check people that shared a status update within the status section and see if a ring around the profile photo shows up within the chat list,” WABetaInfo mentioned.

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