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High school graduates are encouraged to forgo college by adults who have done so, citing the “immeasurable” benefits.

Many Americans are becoming disinterested in higher education due to worries about the growing expense of tuition and the atmosphere of university campuses, and entrepreneurs who choose not to get a four-year degree are advising others to do the same.Bobby Kittleberger, editor of Guitar Chalk, told the News that he intentionally discourages his children from going to college.To put it

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Through the Roshan Digital Account, remittances increased to $8.055 billion in May.

Number of accounts registered under the RDA program also increases by 12,960

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Olympic hopeful gymnast Fred Richard talks about the pressure on men and women in sports as well as Simone Biles’ revenge tour.

Even though Simone Biles is competing in her third Olympics, most people's attention will likely be focused on the women's side, where Fred Richard is most likely to compete.But even with her achievements and experience, Biles will still be under a lot more pressure than Richard, who is 20 years old. Richard countered that women will always be under more

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As Pakistan’s imports reached $4.95 billion in May, the trade deficit grows.

Increase in imports indicates growing economic activity

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The true emblem of unification in 2024.

Flag Day, a celebration honoring the American flag, is observed on June 14 every year. Often referred to as "Old Glory," its stars and stripes stand for pride, harmony, and our common ideals. It acts as a potent symbol, bringing us together over the fundamental ideas of liberty, equality, and opportunity that are the basis of our country.The Biden administration

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Here’s what unites the top 5 most hazardous cities in America:.

The top five most dangerous American cities have one thing in common: they are all Democratically controlled.According to a recent analysis, the city of 27,000 people in Bessemer, Alabama, has the highest chance of becoming a victim of crime—a startling 1 in 9—and tops the list.Bessemer, which was formerly praised as "The Marvel City" for its quick development, is now

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Zindigi 2.0: Fintech’s future is upon us!

Zindigi 2.0 is also introducing new features and services, like freelancers account with an option of foreign currency account

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An American physician, motivated by faith to bring health and healing to rural Sudan, asserts that “God is in charge.”

Although it may seem unlikely, Dr. Tom Catena, an Ivy League-educated physician, is content to live among the locals in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.Catena, who was born and raised in Amsterdam, New York, went to Brown University. He studied engineering and was a football player.Nevertheless, Catena, who identified as a "cradle Catholic," recognized he wanted to devote his life

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Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman, President of the Alkhidmat Foundation, wishes Gazan refugees a happy Eid.

Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman expresses determination to perform Eid prayers alongside Gaza refugees

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The Chiefs receive diamond-encrusted Super Bowl rings but remain focused.

The Kansas City Chiefs held a last celebration for their 2023 achievements before they left for their summer vacation. They have big plans for 2024. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City hosted a private ceremony on Thursday to present Chiefs players with their Super Bowl title rings. During the ceremony, over 400 rings were distributed; each one was

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Tom Hardy is excited about the next Peaky Blinders movie.

Though he was unsure if his character will be featured, Tom Hardy

What would happen if ten teenagers gave up using smartphones?

Ten Salford youngsters replaced their gadgets with simple phones that can only

Tiger mosquitoes are the cause of dengue fever cases in Europe.

Experts have connected the spread of an invasive mosquito species that has

AI can now scan cat faces to determine whether they are in pain.

With an app created by Japanese developers and veterinarians, artificial intelligence (AI)

NASA unintentionally broadcasts a distressing astronaut simulation.

Social media went crazy when NASA unintentionally broadcast a medical exercise intended

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