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Japan earthquake: It’s vital to find survivors quickly

The first 72 hours are critical for rescues as the prospects of survival drops substantially after that

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Airline will ‘better manage’ flights through AI usage.

EasyJet's new control centre uses artificial intelligence (AI), which allows its operations teams to better manage flights, according to the

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‘King of fruit’: Azerbaijan’s love affair with the pomegranate

Pomegranates are a wonderful gift of nature, delicious, easy on the eyes, and full of therapeutic powers. Throughout history, faiths and cultures all over the world have mythologized and cherished them. While Jewish beliefs thought that it contained 613 seeds, which reflect the number of commandments in the Torah, ancient Greeks associated it with the underworld. Pomegranate shrubs (Punica granatum) are thought to have originated in the area that now extends from northern India to Iran. They quickly moved eastward to China and westward to the Mediterranean. The fruit is still highly valued in nations like Turkey, Armenia, and Iran and is a beloved mainstay of many Middle Eastern cuisines. But it would be difficult to locate a location that extols the pomegranate more than Azerbaijan, the South

osama abdullah osama abdullah
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